Release Notes thru 2018-06-05


  • Updated the login page to better handle multiple failed login attempts. Too many login attempts with an invalid email address will require a CAPTCHA to proceed with another login attempt. Learn about login troubleshooting.
  • Updated new account registration.
    • Adjusted the layout, placeholder text, and auto-fill on new account registration pages.
    • Updated the ORDERS page. Clicking the Connect a store link, in the center of the page, navigates the user to the NEW STORE page. Once there, the user's preferred platform is pre-selected.
    • Updated the NEW STORE page. The first visit to this page will prompt a self-paced walkthrough to assist with integrating a store.
    • Updated some of the emails that ShippingEasy sends to account owners at milestones.
  • Enhanced support for Magento v2.2 stores. Learn more about using ShippingEasy with Magento.
    • Now, internal notes added by a merchant within the store are synced into ShippingEasy.
    • Now, authorization tokens are automatically updated to prevent stores from disconnecting.
  • Added default Saved Selections. New accounts will have six saved carrier selections automatically created for their account. This enables a new account to immediately use the ORDERS page shipping features. The default saved carrier selections are for the following USPS domestic services:
    • First Class Package Service, weight required
    • Priority Mail package, weight required
    • Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelope
    • Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box
    • Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box
    • Priority Mail Regional Rate A Box

    Learn more about:

  • Added data to the Pick List CSV export file. Now, each line item in a Pick List CSV file will include item price. The item price is the unit price for a single quantity of the product. If no price is available, 0.00 is used.
  • Resolved issues importing products from Wish stores. Learn more about using ShippingEasy with Wish.
    • Specifically when product names contain double quotes. Now, the product names are correctly displayed.
    • Specifically when more than one image exists for a product. Now, the product image is downloaded.
  • Resolved issues with Product Categories. Learn more about Product Categories.
    • The Notes field has been removed from the Add and Edit Product Categories pages.
    • The Weight value is saved correctly when adding or editing a Product Category.
  • Resolved an issue updating shipments in Reverb. Now, ShippingEasy sends an indicator to Reverb on each shipment notification. After Reverb receives the indicator, it will notify the buyer that the shipment has been created. Learn more about using Reverb with ShippingEasy.
  • Resolved an issue with FedEx return labels. Specifically when the original shipping address is domestic. Now return labels can be created for the FedEx Ground service.
Inventory Management:
  • Resolved an issue updating Fulfillment by Amazon products via CSV file. Now, the stock threshold can be uploaded via CSV file for FBA products. Learn more about FBA inventory.
Customer Marketing:


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