Release Notes thru 2018-05-23


  • Added integration support for Wish.
    • The integration features the ability to:
      • Download unshipped Wish orders to ShippingEasy.
      • Update shipment data to Wish once the order is shipped.
      • Manage Wish product data and stock levels.
    • This integration does not support the ability to:
      • Send shipment notification emails to Wish customers.
      • Send Customer Marketing emails to Wish customers.

    Learn more:

Inventory Management:
  • Added Inventory Management support for Wish integration. 

    • Import Products from Wish into the ShippingEasy Products catalog. Learn more.
    • Update inventory levels within ShippingEasy based on Product SKUs found in Wish orders. 
    • Update inventory levels within Wish based on the stock levels in ShippingEasy. Learn more.


  • Updated account registration pages.
    • The registration pages have been restyled.
    • The Account Setup progress checklist has been restyled for a more intuitive workflow.
  • Updated some of the emails that ShippingEasy sends to account owners at milestones.
  • Updated the shipment notification emails for Globegistics shipments created via iAbol. Specifically changed the URL used for tracking the Globegistics shipments.
  • Resolved a sorting error in the list of Shipping Rule actions. Now, the "Assign Sub Account" action is in alphabetical position within the list. Learn more about Shipping Rules.
Inventory Management:
  • Updated the popup window that is displayed when adding Inventory Management. Now it includes add-on pricing information. Learn more about Inventory Management.
  • Resolved an issue adjusting stock when an order is cleared by a Shipping Rule. Now, the previously committed stock is updated to available.
  • Resolved an issue communicating stock levels to Fulfillment by Amazon. Now, the stock adjustment includes the specific marketplace (i.e. US). Learn more about tracking FBA inventory.
  • Resolved an issue downloading inventory information from Fulfillment by Amazon. Specifically when multiple attempts have been made to download inventory from FBA within a short time period.
Customer Marketing:
  • Updated single-click Automated Campaign templates and workflow. New templates have been added and the editor allows for switching out the template. Learn more.


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