How to: Pick a new template for an Automated Campaign

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ShippingEasy provides several "single-click" Automated Campaigns. These are set up with ready-to-use templates. This makes it fast and easy to start building relationships with your customers and generating new revenue.

If you wish to modify the default Automated Campaign templates, the Campaign Gallery has additional templates for you to pick from. You can also customize any template with the Campaign editor.

To select a new template for an Automated Campaign:

  1. From the blue navigation bar, expand the MARKETING tab and select AUTOMATED EMAILS.
  2. Locate the Automated Campaign you wish to update and click the cog, or settings, icon to the right. Navigate to the template editor page by clicking the "Settings" icon.Single_Click_Edit.png
  3. If the Automated Campaign has not been enabled:
    • You will be directed to the EMAIL TEMPLATE DESIGN gallery. Skip to step 4.
    If the Automated Campaign has been previously enabled:
    1. You will be directed to the CAMPAIGN Results page. Click the Edit button.
      NOTE: if the Automated Campaign is currently active, you will need to pause it before proceeding. Confirm by clicking the [Pause and Edit] button.
    2. On the CAMPAIGN setup page, click the grey Edit button below the template preview.
    3. On the CAMPAIGN template editor page, click the blue Pick a different template link to the left of the editor.
  4. On the EMAIL TEMPLATE DESIGN gallery page, click on the image of the template you want to use. Then click Apply Template to pick your new template.
  5. Now, you can use this template as-is, or customize it further. Learn more about Campaign template design tools.


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