Release Notes thru 2018-05-15


  • Added support for collecting sales tax. Specifically from ShippingEasy accounts operating in the state of Washington. Learn more.
  • Updated some of the emails that ShippingEasy sends to account owners at milestones.
  • Updated the ORDERS page image and text. Specifically for new accounts which do not have any orders. The new text contains links for connecting a store, adding a manual order, and uploading a CSV file. These quick links will disappear as soon as an order has been added or a credit card has been saved to the account.
  • Updated the in-app Answers (?) widget to use a new software platform. Clicking the (?) question mark in the lower right corner of ShippingEasy will reveal a new Help Center. The Help Center features a Quick Start Checklist and provides easy access to the ShippingEasy Knowledge Base. The Quick Start Checklist hosts walkthrough guides which help users configure account settings.
  • Updated Shipping Rules to display condition and action lists sorted in alphabetical order. Learn more about Shipping Rules.
  • Resolved an issue handling Shopify orders addressed to the Marshall Islands. Now Marshall Islands is correctly parsed to the state field of the address for these orders.
  • Resolved a 401 error that some Storenvy merchants encountered using the EasyShip widget. Now, EasyShip users are able to purchase labels within their Storenvy accounts. Learn more.


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