Release Notes thru 2018-05-08


  • Enhanced shipment notification updates to Amazon accounts. Specifically, improved how updates are retried if the first attempt to update fails. Learn more about store order updates.
  • Updated the INVOICES page within SUBSCRIPTIONS & BILLING settings. Specifically for invoices for Amazon Seller Fulfillled Prime label fees. Now, the "Invoice Type" for these fees will be titled Amazon Label Fee. Learn more about using Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime with ShippingEasy.
  • Changed how previous selections are applied to Amazon Prime orders. Now, a previous selection will not be applied to Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime orders. Learn more about previous selections.
  • Updated text on the INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENT settings page. The word "truncate" has been replaced with "limit" when describing the option to limit the length of product descriptions. Learn more.
  • Updated the PRODUCTS page within STORES & ORDERS settings.
    • Changed the action that follows clicking the Import Products or Link Products buttons. Now, a spinner animation is shown to indicate that the action is being processed.
    • Added options for Amazon accounts.
      • Accounts not subscribed to Inventory Management will see the option to Display FBA available quantity. Clicking this will prompt the user to add Inventory Management to their subscription. It also enables the display of FBA inventory levels in the Products catalog. Learn more.
      • The Handling Time field has been added back to the page. This controls the fulfillment latency that ShippingEasy sends to Amazon. Learn more about Amazon handling time.
    • Resolved an error linking to Knowledge Base articles to learn about importing products. Now, the Learn more links in the 'Link Products' tooltip direct to the correct articles.
  • Resolved a problem allowing account access when a credit card cannot be charged for the monthly subscription fee. Now, a failed subscription charge will result in locking the account until a valid payment method is provided.
  • Resolved a problem creating USPS SCAN forms. Now, a shipment is only included on one USPS SCAN form.
  • Resolved a page display error when adding a new UPS account to ShippingEasy. Specifically when the Yes, I accept this agreement checkbox for the "Terms and Conditions" is not selected. Now, the page will show an error that the user needs to accept the terms and conditions to proceed.
  • Resolved a page display error when adding a manual order. Specifically when the suggested address correction contains an apostrophe character. Now, the Add Manual Order modal will display the address correction.
Customer Marketing:
  • Resolved an issue displaying statistics for Campaign results. Now, refreshing the CAMPAIGNS Results page will show the current open rates.


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