Release Notes thru 2018-05-02


Inventory Management:
  • Resolved an error importing Products from Reverb into ShippingEasy. Specifically if the product listing has ended in Reverb. Now, only active listings in Reverb will be imported into ShippingEasy.
Customer Marketing:
  • Added new Campaign templates to the "Campaign Gallery". These include more newsletter formats, 20% off sales, and holiday themed campaigns for Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. Learn about Campaign templates.
  • Updated Automated Campaign templates. Default text has been added to the top of the template. This text will be displayed as the preview in most email clients.
  • Added "Revenue Generated" tracking for some single-click Automated Campaigns: Abandoned Cart, First Time Buyer Coupon, Automated Coupon. This helps merchants see how much revenue their Campaigns are driving. Learn more about revenue tracking for Campaigns.
  • Resolved a problem seen on the Customer List page when the account has not subscribed to Customer Marketing. Specifically when a customer does not have an associated email address. Now, each unique customer will be listed on an individual line.


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