Release Notes thru 2018-04-24


  • Updated the subscription price for the QuickBooks add-on. ShippingEasy is discontinuing support for the QuickBooks add-on. As such, subscribers will no longer be charged for this integration. Note, that current QuickBooks add-on subscribers will need to find a new solution before June 30, 2018. We recommend using Webgility Unify to import ShippingEasy data into QuickBooks. Learn more.
  • Updated STORES & ORDERS settings for Reverb. Specifically, the "Notifications" tab within store settings has been changed. The buyer notification options have been removed, as Reverb does not allow third parties to contact Reverb buyers. Instead, Reverb handles email communications between sellers and buyers. Learn more.
Customer Marketing:
  • Updated the AUTOMATED EMAILS page. Navigate to this page via MARKETING > AUTOMATED EMAILS.
    • Specifically, transactional and marketing emails have been divided into separate sections. These include:
      • Automated Campaigns to Build Customer Relationships: These campaigns inform customers about order status and general information. Amazon merchants can also request feedback and reviews.
      • Automated Campaigns to Drive Revenue: These campaigns aim to drive promotions and sales. Shopify merchants can also target customers who abandoned their cart.
    • Specifically, the "Trigger Based Coupon" and "First Time Buyer Coupon" campaigns have been added to the page. Previously, they were located in the template gallery. This change makes them easier to set up.
  • Updated the text in the default "First Time Buyer" Automated Campaign template.


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