Release Notes thru 2018-04-17


  • Added integration support for Reverb. Reverb is an online marketplace for buying and selling music gear.
    • The integration features the ability to:
      • Download unshipped Reverb orders to ShippingEasy.
      • Update shipment data to Reverb once the order is shipped.
      • Manage Reverb product data and stock levels.
    • This integration does not support the ability to:
      • Send shipment notification emails to Reverb customers.
      • Send Customer Marketing emails to Reverb customers.

    Learn more:

Inventory Management:
  • Added Inventory Management support for Reverb integrations. 

    • Import Products from Reverb into the ShippingEasy Products catalog. Learn more.
    • Update inventory levels within ShippingEasy based on Product SKUs found in Reverb orders. 
    • Update inventory levels within Reverb based on the stock levels in ShippingEasy. Learn more.



  • Added a tooltip walkthrough for LuLaRoe retailers. The walkthrough is shown to LuLaRoe retailers who have not connected their BLESS account with ShippingEasy.

    The self-paced guide will show a LuLaRoe retailer how to:

    1. Integrate a BLESS account with ShippingEasy
    2. Optimize their store settings within ShippingEasy
    3. Start shipping with a single click

    LuLaRoe retailers who want to integrate their store can click here to get started now.

  • Updated how errors processing credit card payments are handled. Specifically when billing a transaction other than monthly subscription or USPS postage. Now, credit card issues will only lock the ShippingEasy account if the monthly subscription charge could not be processed.
  • Resolved an issue integrating Magento 2 stores. Specifically if the URL provided contains a trailing slash (/) character. Now, a training slash character at the end of a Magento 2 store URL will not interfere with integration. Learn how to integrate a Magento 2 account.
  • Replaced an incorrect link that is displayed when integrating an X-Cart store. Now, when a new X-Cart store is added, the correct knowledge base article link is provided. Learn how to integrate an X-Cart account.
Customer Marketing:
  • Updated the email sent to inactive Customer Marketing subscribers. Specifically the formula to calculate the average revenue from campaigns has been changed. Now, the average monthly revenue from campaigns is calculated as (total revenue from all campaign conversions for the month) divided by (total number of subscribers who sent a campaign during the month).


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