Release Notes thru 2018-04-10


Customer Marketing:
  • Added a feature to track revenue generated by One-Time Campaigns. Revenue is tracked for scheduled Campaigns. The revenue for each scheduled Campaign is shown in two locations:
    • On the CAMPAIGNS page: within the table of Campaigns, the data is shown in the "Revenue Generated" column. Navigate to this page via MARKETING >> NEWSLETTERS & PROMOTIONS.
    • On the CAMPAIGNS Results page: a dollar amount is displayed above the text Revenue Generated. Navigate to this page via CAMPAIGNS >> click on a specific One-Time Campaign name.

    Learn more about setting up a One-Time Campaign.


  • Resolved an issue handling an error message returned by Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Specifically when attempting to send an order to FBA via a Shipping Rule. Now, when the order cannot be fulfilled by FBA, it is sent back to the ShippingEasy ORDERS page. Learn how to create a Shipping Rule.
Inventory Management:
  • Updated the UPLOAD CSV: SUPPLIER IMPORT page. Now, the description next to the Supplier ID clarifies that this field must always be mapped. Learn more about Supplier ID.
  • Resolved an issue when merging two Product SKUs. Specifically when the Products have the same Supplier. Now, Products with the same Supplier can be merged. Learn more about merging Products.


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