How does "Revenue Generated" for Campaigns work?

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As of April 2018, ShippingEasy's Customer Marketing tool is now able to track revenue generation from your campaigns, and show how much ROI your campaigns produce!

Every time you send out a marketing campaign, your users interact with your email and may sometimes make a purchase based off of your efforts. This results in revenue generated from your email marketing. ShippingEasy is able to see this revenue generation based on purchase activity, and credits the campaign with generating revenue. This great metric allows you to truly see how successful your campaigns are and how much ROI they are driving for your e-commerce site!

ShippingEasy defines revenue generated as the following: if a buyer opens your marketing email and subsequently makes a purchase from your store within the next 5 days, ShippingEasy will detect the purchase and classify it as "Revenue Generated" for that specific campaign. ShippingEasy calculates this for all one-time campaigns, and any Revenue Driving automated campaign.

To view revenue generated for your campaigns

1.From the blue navigation bar, expand the MARKETING tab and select NEWSLETTERS AND PROMOTIONS.

2. Ensure both "Automated" and "One-Time" are selected under the "Campaign Type" filter.



3. The metrics for your present and past one time campaigns and revenue driving automated campaigns will be shown. "Revenue Generated" is included.



4. You may also select the Name of a Campaign that has results to see additional details about the Campaign.



That's it! Make sure you are actively monitoring the success of your campaigns by regularly checking your "Revenue Generated" number.



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