Release Notes thru 2018-04-03


  • Added a new variable for Email and Packing Slip Templates: Ship By Date. The variable is populated for Amazon and eBay orders. It can be found in the Template editor, among the "Shipment Variables" list. It can also be added into a template by inserting {{shipment.ship_by_date}}. Learn more about Email Template variables and Packing Slip Template variables.
  • Added tooltip help to several SETTINGS pages.
    • On the SHIPMENT INSURANCE page: added (i) icons next to key features. Hovering over the icon expands a tooltip with more information on configuring shipment insurance settings.
    • On the QUICK SHIP: SAVED SELECTIONS page: added (i) icons next to the "Quick Ship" column header. Hovering over the icon expands a tooltip with more information on using Quick Ship.
  • Resolved a problem displaying error messages on Packing Slip Templates. Specifically when an invalid barcode format is used in the template. Now the error message indicates that the specified barcode format is incompatible with the in the order. Learn more about displaying barcodes on Packing Slips.
  • Resolved a typographic issue in an error message on the EDIT STORE SETTINGS page. Specifically when the Shipping Address is blank. Now the error message is grammatically correct.
Inventory Management:
  • Enhanced support of Inventory Management for Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment. Specifically, if an order is drop shipped (sent) to Amazon FBA for fulfillment. Now, the inventory for the order is changed from committed to uncommitted as soon as the order is sent to FBA. Previously, the inventory was uncommitted only after the order was marked as shipped within Amazon. Learn more about using ShippingEasy with Amazon.
  • Added a new permission for Inventory Management: Edit Stock Levels. This permission is only available for accounts that are subscribed to Inventory Management. The Edit Stock Levels permission allows the user to manually edit stock levels, and create, edit, receive, and close purchase orders. Without this permission, stock levels and purchase orders can only be viewed. By default, this permission is enabled on all users, for qualifying accounts. Learn more about user permissions.


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