Error Updating Shipped Orders on WooCommerce | Troubleshoot

When shipping WooCommerce orders via ShippingEasy, the order status is updated after a label is printed.

Learn how to update your store after an order has shipped.

While rare, you might notice that your orders are not updating in WooCommerce as shipped. If the label has been printed, and at least an hour has elapsed, the error could be due to the store's callback path.

Do you use Permalinks for your WooCommerce store?

If not, updating the callback path could resolve the problem.

How to: Update a WooCommerce callback path in ShippingEasy

  1. Navigate to your STORES & ORDERS page.

  2. Find your WooCommerce store and click on Edit Store Settings.
  3. Look at the Callback URL. Change the default Shipment Callback Path.
    Default: /shipment/callback
    To: ?shipment=1&callback=1
  4. Click on Save to confirm your selections.

  5. Navigate to your SHIPMENT HISTORY page.
  6. Select the orders you want to update all at once by checking the boxes to the left of the orders.
  7. Expand the grey Resend/Retry menu at the top of the page. Select the Retry Store Order Updates option.
  8. Check your order status in WooCommerce.


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