Release Notes thru 2018-03-20


  • Version 4.18.4 has been released for Mac and Windows. It contains the following fixes and features:
    • Resolved a rare issue some users had with SSL errors.
    • Added a feature to resolve rare print formatting issues by incorporating Adobe software.

    Learn how to update to the latest version of ConnectEasy.

  • Enhanced the feature that displays pending shipments and print jobs. As before, an orange icon appears on the SHIPMENTS tab (on the navigation bar) and next to the Ready to Print link (in the upper-right of every page). The orange icon displays a total count of shipments or labels on the relative page. Now, the technology that updates the count value has been improved for better efficiency and quicker updates.
  • Enhanced account security when a user login password is changed. Now, changing a login's password will immediately expire and clear all current browser sessions. Anyone logged in as the user will need to log back in to resume using ShippingEasy.
  • Updated text related to Squarespace. The term "beta" has been removed from the name of the Squarespace integration. Learn more about integrating Squarespace.
  • Updated Shopify integration. Specifically regarding the processing of international orders. Now instead of the full country name, the two-character country code is used when importing the address. This will reduce errors mapping countries to orders.
  • Added tooltip help to several SETTINGS pages.
    • On the LABELS page: added (i) icons next to key features. Hovering over the icon expands a tooltip with more information on configuring label settings.
    • On the EMAIL TEMPLATES and PACKING SLIP TEMPLATES page: a tooltip walkthrough is featured on the NEW TEMPLATE page. It automatically appears the first time the user visits the page. Then is available by clicking the (i) icon on subsequent visits to the page.
  • Resolved an issue seen by Starter plan customers who have exceeded 50 shipments during their billing cycle. These accounts are locked until they are either upgraded or the next billing cycle begins. The message that appears to explain this access restriction has been restored on the SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING page. Learn more.
Inventory Management:
  • Resolved an issue importing Fulfillment by Amazon products. Now, a Product SKU will not be imported as an FBA Product SKU if it is marked as archived in it's FBA listing. However, if it is currently sold as a non-FBA Product SKU, then it will still be imported from the merchant's Amazon store. 
Customer Marketing:
  • Resolved an issue sending Amazon Automated Campaign emails. Specifically when emailing a buyer who is also associated with a store type that does not allow marketing emails (such as ChannelAdvisor). Now, if the buyer has not opted out of marketing emails, Amazon Automated Campaigns will be sent per the buyer's Amazon orders. Learn more about Amazon Automated Campaigns.


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