Release Notes thru 2018-03-13


  • Added a tool that automatically applies a carrier selection to orders: previous selection. ShippingEasy learns from the carrier selections that are made when shipping. This knowledge is used to assign a carrier, service, and package type to future orders. Feature highlights include:
    • Previous selections are determined by matching new orders to past orders with the same destination (country) and products (SKU and quantity).
    • The ORDERS page features:
      • A thumbs up icon to indicate orders with a previous selection.
      • Previous selection data included in the "Saved Selections" column.
      • The option to ship orders with a previous selection from the ORDERS page.
    • The READY TO SHIP page will default to the previous selection, not the default Saved Selection.
    • A Saved Selection that is applied via a Shipping Rule will override the previous selection.
    • Previous selections can be manually overridden.

    Learn more about previous selections.


  • Resolved an issue seen when shipping a batch of UPS international shipments. Specifically when Customs Duties Paid By is set to Recipient or Third Party. Now, both the Account Number for customs duties and Account Postal Code (customs duties) fields are available.
  • Resolved an issue seen when editing STORES & ORDERS settings. Specifically when selecting a Shipping Address for a store. Now, archived Store Addresses are not included in the Shipping Address drop-down list.
Inventory Management:
  • Resolved an issue seen on the SUPPLIERS page. Specifically when a Product SKU, which is assigned to a Supplier, is merged with another Product SKU, which is not assigned to a Supplier. Now, merging Product SKUs does not affect how the SUPPLIERS page loads.
Customer Marketing:
  • Added new Campaign templates to the Customer Management "Campaign Gallery" for Spring. These are available in the "Seasonal & Holiday" category. Learn how to use Campaign templates.
  • Updated a single-click Automated Campaign template: Abandoned Cart. The copy text has been changed slightly and "click here" has been changed to a prominent button.
  • Updated single-click Automated Campaign templates to include a Reset Template option. This change excludes most existing duplicated templates. The Reset Template option makes it easy to undo changes to built-in Automated Campaign templates.


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