Release Notes thru 2018-03-06


  • Added support for choosing who pays customs duties and taxes for UPS international shipments. Options for individual shipments include Sender, Recipient, and Third Party.  When modifying a batch, only Sender and Recipient are available options. The default option is Recipient, the receiver of the shipment.
    • When selecting Recipient: there are optional fields for UPS account details. If account details are provided the account will be billed directly. Otherwise, the receiver will be required to pay in cash.
    • When selecting Third Party: the UPS account number and postal code are required. This information is used by UPS to bill the account directly.
    • When selecting Sender: the UPS account connected to ShippingEasy will be billed.
  • Updated STORES & ORDERS settings pages to remove placeholder text from the Ship from Postal Code field.
  • Resolved an issue setting up User permissions. Specifically when the User has been created, but not yet activated. Now, User permissions can be set by the Admin before the login has been activated.
  • Resolved a problem clearing cancelled WooCommerce orders. Now, WooCommerce orders will be cleared if the status uses either spelling: “cancelled” or “canceled”.
Inventory Management:
  • Added a link on the UPLOAD SUPPLIERS page to view a demo of how to upload Suppliers. Watch the video.
Customer Marketing:
  • Enhanced Amazon Automated Campaigns. Now, there is a Reset Template link under the template name. Clicking this link restores the edited template to the original form.
  • Resolved a display issue on the CAMPAIGN Results page. Now, all One-Time Campaign results can be viewed.
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