Release Notes thru 2018-02-27


Customer Marketing:
  • Added support for Abandoned Cart single-click Automated Campaigns for Shopify stores.
    • Shopify merchants can send an automated message to a potential buyer, who began to checkout but never clicked the final “purchase” button in the shopping cart.
    • The email message includes a link to return the buyer directly back to their cart, along with a list of the products that were in the cart.
    • By default, the email is sent one hour after the buyer abandoned the cart.

    Shopify merchants with Customer Marketing can set it up by going to MARKETING >> AUTOMATED EMAILS >> toggle Abandoned Cart from Off to On. The email can be edited by clicking the cog icon.


  • Updated subscriptions for LuLaRoe retailers. For more information, contact ShippingEasy's Customer Success team via the support links in the top left corner of the app.
  • Updated content of emails sent to ShippingEasy subscribers for a better user experience.
  • Enhanced the READY TO PRINT page with a new "Retry Selected” button. This button can be used to retry Failed shipment labels. When clicked, all selected shipments are sent back to the READY TO SHIP page at the same time. 
  • Updated tooltips. 
    • Specifically in the STORES & ORDERS settings. Now, the tooltip is displayed when the mouse is pointed to the tooltip icon and is removed by moving the mouse away. If the tooltip contains a link, the popup will remain for a short period of time after the mouse is moved away. This allows time to click the link.
    • Specifically on the UPLOAD CSV FILE for Orders, STORE ADDRESSES, and USERS pages. Now, the style and format of the tooltips has been changed to match the app design.
  • Updated ShippingEasy's database of USPS zip code to zone mappings. This ensures that the correct zone is displayed for domestic and military mail shipments.
Inventory Management:
  • Added support for uploading and downloading Suppliers via CSV file. Find these options by going to INVENTORY >> SUPPLIERS >> and clicking Upload Suppliers or Download Suppliers. Learn more:
  • Updated process to add Inventory Management to a subscription. The change reduces popup windows.
  • Resolved an issue displaying stock adjustments. Specifically when the adjustments were reverted by a subsequent action. Now, the stock adjustments more clearly show the direction of the stock movement.
  • Resolved an issue importing BigCommerce products. Specifically when there are no options or tags for some Product SKUs. Now, BigCommerce Product SKUs will import even if some have no options or tags.
Customer Marketing:
  • Update the CUSTOMER LIST page. The "Customer Status" filter has a new option: Abandoned Cart. Now, Shopify merchants can create One-Time Campaigns to target prospects who abandoned a cart. Learn more.
  • Updated Customer Marketing graphic.
  • Added support to duplicate Amazon single-click Automated Campaigns. Now, merchants can create multiple versions of the Amazon Seller Feedback Request and Amazon Product Review Request. This is particularly useful if the merchant sells through more than one Amazon store. Learn more.
  • Resolved a problem displaying the Open rate for a Campaign. Now, the Open rate will not be greater than 100%.
  • Resolved a problem editing the name of a Campaign. Now, the Campaign rules do not change after a name edit.
  • Resolved a display error on the Edit Campaign page for Amazon Automated Campaigns. Now, the email address shown in the warning is referenced from the Amazon store settings.


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