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Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) allows you to send orders that originated outside of your Amazon store to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) for shipment. FBA is enabled by default on newly connected ShippingEasy accounts with an Amazon store. This allows you to quickly and easily send your order(s) from any store platform directly to FBA. 

You can verify this setting by navigating to STORES & ORDERS and clicking Edit store settings for your Amazon Store. The option to import FBA shipments will be under the "Orders" tab.

NOTE: this feature is only supported on US-based Amazon stores. Learn more about enabling your ShippingEasy account for MCF.

How to: Send an order to FBA in ShippingEasy

  1. From the blue navigation menu, click the ORDERS tab.
  2. Select the check box next to the corresponding orders.
    NOTE: be sure all orders will be shipped via the same Amazon shipping service (Standard, Expedited or Priority).
  3. Click the More button and select Drop Ship.
  4. A modal window will appear. Select the Amazon Store you want to fulfill your orders.
  5. Select radio button next to Shipping Service that you want Amazon to use when shipping your orders.  
  6. Select Confirm and ShippingEasy will send your orders onto Amazon for fulfillment.
  7. Once your orders have successfully been submitted to Amazon they will be moved to your SHIPMENT HISTORY.

Once Amazon ships your orders, the tracking number, shipping carrier and status of the order(s) will update to Shipped in ShippingEasy and on your originating store platform.

If your FBA orders have not appeared on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page, click the "Sync Fulfillment Status" link on the top of SHIPMENT HISTORY page to get an update on the status of the shipment.


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