Release Notes thru 2018-02-20


  • Added integration with the Bonanza marketplace. When a Bonaza account is integrated:
    • Order data will sync into ShippingEasy automatically.
    • Shipment tracking information will be sent back to the store.

    Learn more:

  • Added support for Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment. This allows merchants who are using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to fulfill non-Amazon orders via ShippingEasy. ShippingEasy can send the non-Amazon orders to FBA. The status of the resulting shipment is then available on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page Learn more.

Inventory Management:
  • Added inventory support for Bonanza accounts. When Bonanza orders contain Product SKUs, the data will update Inventory levels in ShippingEasy. Note, ShippingEasy cannot update inventory levels back to the store because Bonanza does not require SKUs. Learn more.


  • Redesigned the Store settings pages. Find these by navigating to SETTINGS >> STORES & ORDERS, then click Edit store settings. The single page layout has been broken into several tabs, including: Store Info, Branding, Products, Orders, Notifications.
  • Enhanced the process to change a login's password. Now an email notification is sent after a user successfully changes their ShippingEasy password.
  • Enhanced the EVENT HISTORY page. Now, entries for cleared and cancelled orders are included. This makes it easy to see if an order was cleared because the:
    • Order status updated to shipped, cancelled, or unshippable in store.
    • User cleared the order using the Clear Orders action on the ORDERS page.
    • All order line items were refunded in store (limited to Shopify orders).
    • Order cleared via a configured Shipping Rule action in ShippingEasy.

    Learn more about Event History.

  • Enhanced support for UPS Mail Innovations shipments. Now ShippingEasy allows international UPS Mail Innovations shipments with more than one customs line item. This change was made because UPS Mail Innovations now supports multiple customs line items. Learn more.
  • Resolved an issue updating shipments to Walmart. Specifically when the order has been shipped once and duplicated. Now, ShippingEasy will not update Walmart when the shipment is duplicated.
  • Resolved a display issue on the LABELS page. Specifically when the Domestic USPS Label Option "Order Number" is selected. Now, the "Order Number" option is highlighted, with a blue outline, when it is selected.
  • Resolved a display issue on the SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING page. Specifically when detailing when an add-on was added to an account. Now that the time is not listed, the time zone is also not shown.
  • Resolved a problem on the PayPal Store settings page. Now, the "Filter Orders by Email" option is available.
Customer Marketing:
  • Updated the AMAZON SELLER FEEDBACK DASHBOARD page. Now, the Number of Orders no longer links to the ORDERS page. This change was made because the Number of Orders (from Amazon) usually does not match the number of orders (for the entire account) on the ORDERS page.
  • Resolved an issue on the AMAZON SELLER FEEDBACK DASHBOARD page. Now, cleared orders are not included in the order counts.
  • Resolved a display error on the CAMPAIGN Setup page for Amazon Single-Click Automated Campaigns. Now, the toggle option to select One-Time or Automated Campaign type has been removed.
  • Resolved a display error on the CAMPAIGN Results page for Amazon Single-Click Automated Campaigns. Now, the correct "From Address" is shown on the Results page.
  • Resolved an issue seen on the CAMPAIGNS page. Specifically when filtering by "Created Date". Now, when the From Date is set to 'today', the page will display Campaigns created for that date.


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