Release Notes thru 2018-02-13


  • Redesigned the SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING page. The changes make the page easier to use and provides more information about the account.
    • Find the page via the SETTINGS tab on the blue navigation bar. Then click SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING, from the ACCOUNT SETTINGS options.
    • The SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING page now includes three tabs:
      • Plan selection: features a plan summary, including monthly shipment and email counts. Also provides options to change subscription and add-ons.
      • Billing Information: provides information on current billing method and options to change it.
      • Invoices: features a new ability to download all past invoices, including those for insurance and email bundle purchases. Learn more.


  • Enhanced the ShippingEasy API. Now it supports package dimensions, shipment label workflow status, and information about additional boxes on multi-box shipments. Learn more about the ShippingEasy API.
  • Improved the process to change a login's password. This can be found by clicking the Logged in as link in the top right corner of the account and select My Profile.
    • A button has been added to the MY PROFILE page: Change Password
    • Clicking the Change Password button opens a new CHANGE PASSWORD modal.
    • The current password must be provided before the password can be changed.
  • Enhanced store order updates. Now, ShippingEasy will automatically retry shipment notifications that are sent back to stores. Specifically when the original store order update failed.
  • Updated handling of Amazon Business Purchase Order (PO) numbers on USPS labels. Now, PO numbers longer than 50 characters are automatically truncated. Learn more.
  • Enhanced account registration. Specifically when selecting a store type to add to the account.
    • Additional store types have been added:
      • Agnes and Dora
      • dot dot smile
      • Piphany
    • Store names have been alphabetized.
  • Resolved an issue affecting UPS Mail Innovation shipments. Specifically when selecting an Endorsement on the READY TO SHIP page. Now, the default Endorsement is No Service Requested. When selected, the shipping label will be purchased with no endorsement.
Inventory Management:
  • Enhanced product inventory updates. Now, ShippingEasy will automatically retry inventory updates that are sent back to stores. Specifically when the original update failed.
  • Resolved an error message seen when uploading a CSV file of Product SKUs. Specifically when the file contains an existing SKU Alias for a Bundled Product. Now, an error message will not be displayed for these rows.
Customer Marketing:
  • Updated Amazon Single-Click Automated Campaigns.
    • Specifically the formatting of the email templates. Now, the headline text is centered in the email message that is sent to customers.
    • Specifically the "Built-in Rules". Now, the rules will only check to see that the order came from an Amazon type store.
    • Specifically the Store condition. Now, each Amazon store connected to the account is included in the list of stores. This allows the merchant to target customers from one or all their Amazon stores.
  • Updated the AMAZON SELLER FEEDBACK DASHBOARD page. A store filter has been added. This enables merchants to view feedback data for specific Amazon stores.
  • Resolved issues seen on the CAMPAIGNS page.
    • Specifically when filtering by "Created Date". Now, when the From Date is set to 'today', the page will display Campaigns created for that date.
    • Specifically when navigating to the page via the breadcrumbs on the CAMPAIGN RESULTS page. Now, the CAMPAIGNS page is displayed correctly.
  • Resolved issues seen on the AMAZON SELLER FEEDBACK DASHBOARD page. 
    • Specifically when multiple Amazon stores are connected to the ShippingEasy account. Now, the order totals display correctly.
    • Specifically when displaying data in the "Buyer Feedback" section. Now, the column widths have been adjusted to optimize the display of the header controls.


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