Why were my orders not sent to FBA?

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ShippingEasy supports Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF). This includes the option to send orders that originated outside of your Amazon store to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) for shipment. Learn more.

Before ShippingEasy attempts to send one or more orders to Amazon for fulfillment, we first check to see if any errors are returned by their system. Specifically, if Amazon is not able to fulfill your order(s), we will prevent them from being sent and instead display an error - as returned by Amazon - in our user interface. 

Amazon errors will be displayed directly in the Drop Ship modal. For instance: 


The following table outlines the possible errors that will be returned by Amazon's fulfillment system if they are unable to complete a fulfillment request and/or ship out your order(s). 

Amazon Error Explanation
InvalidRequestException: Seller is not registered for Basic fulfillment. The selected Amazon Seller account has not yet been configured for Multi-Channel Fulfillment. Please contact Amazon support for help with configuring your account. 
InvalidRequestException: No inventory available for Items.SellerFulfillmentOrderItemId:49f54d18-5480-4cdf-a3f4-41c979a9cc51.  There is not enough inventory available at Amazon to complete the fulfillment request and ship out the selected order/s.  
InvalidRequestException: The request must contain the parameter Items.SellerSKU. The selected order/s do not contain a valid Amazon Seller SKU. 
InvalidRequestException: the SellerSKU for Item Id: b61fae44-3119-4def-9f93-e85b1b4d9b89 is invalid. The selected order/s do not contain a valid Amazon Seller SKU. 


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