Release Notes thru 2018-02-06


Customer Marketing:


  • Enhanced the Copy button (for API credentials) to display a "Copied!" tool tip when the text is successfully copied to the clipboard.
  • Changed the extent of the order download request that is made after integrating a store. Specifically for these store types: AmeriCommerce, BigCommerce, Channel Advisor, Etsy, Jane, Magento 2, Newegg, Paypal, Solid Commerce, Squarespace, Storenvy, Volusion, and Yahoo. Previously, orders from the last 3 days were downloaded. Now, orders from the last 14 days are downloaded upon integrating one of these stores.
  • Added option to display the Purchase Order (PO) number of Amazon Business orders on domestic shipping labels. The PO number will be displayed only if it is available for the order. The configuration of this option and position of the PO number on the label depends on the carrier:
    • For USPS and DHL Global Mail domestic shipping labels:
      • The PO number is automatically appended to the Order number on the shipping label.
      • The PO number will be shown on the upper-right of the label, above the recipient address.
    • For UPS and FedEx domestic shipping labels:
      • There are new Amazon PO options available on the LABEL settings page.
      • On UPS labels, the PO number will be seen at the bottom of the label.
      • On FedEx labels, the PO number will be seen below the recipient address.

    Learn more about configuring labels to display Amazon Purchase Order Numbers.

  • Updated the "Upload History" on the PRODUCT UPLOADS page. Now, only the past two weeks of files will be displayed in the list.
  • Corrected a typographic error seen during account registration.
  • Update the ShippingEasy Orders API. Now the [notes] attribute is included in the API's query results.
Inventory Management:
  • Updated how inventory is committed once Inventory Management is added to the subscription. Now, inventory committed levels are updated based on all unshipped orders (on the ORDERS and READY TO SHIP pages) in the account. Learn more about Inventory Management.
  • Resolved an issue importing Products from eBay into ShippingEasy. Specifically when Variant SKUs are assigned to a parent Product in eBay. Now, the parent Product is not saved as an individual Product SKU. Rather, it is only created with Variant SKUs configured.
  • Resolved an issue updating inventory levels for Etsy products. Specifically when the Product has 40 or more variants. Now, ShippingEasy will update inventory levels in Etsy for Products with many variants.
Customer Marketing:
  • Resolved a data problem on the CAMPAIGN RESULTS page. Now, the correct number of opens and clicks is shown for any given Campaign.
  • Resolved a display error when setting up Automated Campaign rules. Now, archived stores are not shown in the "Store" condition list.


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