Release Notes thru 2018-01-30


  • Added support for updating unshipped 3dcart and WooCommerce (REST) orders. Specifically when the recipient address data changes in store. Now, if the order is still on the ORDERS page in ShippingEasy, the new address data will be updated to the order. This is not available with the legacy WooCommerce integration. Learn more.
  • Added a new Packing Slip and Email Template variable: Amazon Purchase Order Number. This optional variable will display the Purchase Order on Amazon Business orders. This helps merchants meet Amazon compliance requirements for processing Amazon Business orders. If the variable is included in a Template, but the order does not have an Amazon Purchase Order Number, then the field will be blank. The variable can be added into Templates using the placeholder {{shipment.amazon_purchase_order_number}}.
  • Added a new User preference: Remember Filter Settings. By default this is enabled. The feature can be found under the Logged in as menu > My Profile. When the Remember Filter Settings field is toggled to:
    • Enable: ShippingEasy preserves the last filter settings on the ORDERS and SHIPMENT HISTORY pages.
    • Disable: ShippingEasy will reset the page filters each time the user navigates away from the ORDERS or SHIPMENT HISTORY pages.
  • Updated the Global Search order details page to display Shipsurance information. Now, if shipment insurance was purchased, the Insurance value is displayed. Clicking the insured value reveals details about the shipment's insurance coverage. Click Make a claim with shipsurance to open the Shipsurance page for filing a claim.
  • Added buttons, to select pages, for copying values to the clipboard. This makes it easier to copy and paste information from ShippingEasy: ConnectEasy credentials, account API values, ShippingEasy API Store Keys.
  • Added new data to Shipping Reports: Alt. Order Number. This optional column can be added to custom reports. When enabled, it will display the Alternate Order Number for the shipment. If the order is from a store platform that does not support alternate order numbers, then the field will be blank. Learn more about customizing reports.
  • Resolved a problem with downloading eBay orders. Specifically when the orders are more than 30 days old. Now, unshipped orders up to 90 days old will be downloaded from eBay stores.
  • Resolved a display error on the SETTINGS page. Specifically when Sub Accounts are enabled on the account. Now, the link to the SUB ACCOUNT page is shown on the SETTINGS page. Learn more about Sub Accounts.
Customer Marketing:
  • Updated the Customer Marketing Template editor.
    • Specifically enhanced the URL editor. Now it is more clear that the URL field needs to be replaced with the store's website URL.
    • Specifically changed the icon for the Insert Customer Variable menu. Now it is consistent with other Template editors in the app.


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