How to: Setup email campaigns to improve Amazon reputation & feedback

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This feature is available to Customer Marketing subscribers. Learn more.

Amazon merchants live or die by their reputation. Gathering product reviews and seller ratings shows you are a reputable merchant - something customers look for. ShippingEasy's Amazon Seller Suite makes soliciting this feedback as easy as one click with our Automated Campaigns feature. ShippingEasy supports Amazon USA (.com), Amazon Canada (.ca) and Amazon Mexico (.mx) store types for Customer Marketing product reviews and seller feedback email campaigns.

NOTE: AOL and Yahoo email addresses are not supported for Amazon Campaigns.

ShippingEasy recommends using a different provider, such as Gmail, if you wish to utilize these campaigns.

If you update the email address in your ShippingEasy store settings, you will also need to add the email address to the whitelist of email addresses in your Amazon Seller Central account.

How to: Setup campaigns for Amazon Seller Feedback & Product Review Request

  1. From the blue navigation menu, expand the MARKETING tab and select AMAZON FEEDBACK MANAGEMENT.

  2. On the Amazon Campaigns page, click the blue "Create Campaign" button under
    • Amazon Seller Feedback Request
    • Amazon Product Review Request
  3. You can edit when your buyers will receive feedback emails, duplicate campaigns and setup additional conditions if needed. For more information on changing the settings of your campaigns, see our Automated Campaigns setup page.
  1. NOTE: Amazon has strict guidelines that prohibit contacting buyers for marketing or promotional purposes. Learn more at Amazon's Buyer-Seller Messaging Service Overview.

TIP: ShippingEasy gives you the option to exclude customers who have previously left negative feedback from receiving automated campaigns. This can be done when you set the conditions of your automated campaign. Learn more.

You can also do specify which customers receive automated campaigns by using tags. By adding a specific tag to the customers you want to exclude you can change the conditions of the campaign rule to send only if the customer tag does not equal that value.

  1. Tag customers you don't want to contact. Learn more.
  2. Add this as a condition to the automated campaign. Learn more.

Next, you will need to make sure your email address in ShippingEasy is listed as an approved sender in Amazon.

How to: Enable emails to be sent from within ShippingEasy to your Amazon Customers

In order to setup Amazon-specific Seller Feedback or Product Review Request campaigns, the email address registered to your ShippingEasy account must be the same as the email currently tied to your Amazon Seller Central account.

  1. If your emails are different, once you select the template, a popup will appear informing you that you need to add your email address to the list of approved senders within Seller Central.
  2. Log into your Amazon Seller Central Account and select Messages at the top of the page. From there, click Authorized Emails.
  3. On this page, you will be presented with a list of currently Registered Senders, Approved Senders, and Blocked Senders within Amazon. Under Approved Senders, add your ShippingEasy email address, and then click Add to list. Click Done when you are finished adding your email address to the list.


That’s it! You are now ready to send Amazon Seller Feedback and Product Review Requests to your Amazon buyers from within ShippingEasy.


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