How to: Setup Campaigns for Amazon Seller Feedback & Product Review Request

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Seller feedback and product reviews provide you with valuable information you won't get anywhere else, empowering you to enhance what works and change what doesn't. Requesting such feedback shows your customers you value their input and opinions. ShippingEasy allows you to do this through our Automated Campaigns feature.

In order to setup Amazon-specific Seller Feedback or Product Review Request campaigns, the email address registered to your ShippingEasy account must be the same as the email currently tied to your Amazon Seller Central account.

NOTE: AOL and Yahoo email addresses are not supported for Amazon Campaigns.

ShippingEasy recommends using a different provider, such as Gmail, if you wish to utilize these campaigns.

If you update the email address in your ShippingEasy store settings, you will also need to add the email address to the whitelist of email addresses in your Amazon Seller Central account.

If your emails are different, follow the steps below to enable emails to be sent from within ShippingEasy to your Amazon Customers:

  1. Go to Marketing -> "Automated Emails".
  2. Enable "Amazon Product Review Request” or “Amazon Seller Feedback Request” directly
    from within ShippingEasy.
  3. A popup will appear informing you that you need to add your email address to the list of
    approved senders within Seller Central.
  4. After logging into your Amazon Seller Central Account, you will be presented with a list of
    currently Registered Senders, Approved Senders, and Blocked Senders within
    Amazon. Under Approved Senders, add your ShippingEasy email address, and then click
    Add to list. Click Done when you are finished adding your email address to the list.

5. Back within ShippingEasy, you may select the gear icon to change the settings of the campaign itself, or leave it with the default settings. You can edit when your buyers will receive feedback emails, and setup additional conditions if needed. For more information on changing the settings of your campaigns, see our Automated Campaigns setup page.

That’s it! You are now ready to send Amazon Seller Feedback and Product Review Requests to your Amazon buyers from within ShippingEasy.


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