What data is included in the Inventory Report - Inventory Low Stock report?

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ShippingEasy REPORTS include a number of preconfigured reports. These reports accommodate the reporting needs of most shipping operations. They can also be scheduled to be emailed to you on a recurring basis. Though the columns cannot be edited or rearranged, they make for easy access to your inventory data. Learn more about REPORTS.

The Inventory Low Stock report provides inventory data on all active products that have a Shortage of zero or greater. 

Products include:

  • Active SKUs
  • Bundle SKUs
  • Variant SKUs

The inventory data in the Inventory Status report includes:

  • SKU
  • Item Name
  • Stock
  • Committed
  • Available 
  • Threshold 
  • Shortage 
  • Awaiting 
  • Category

Low Stock reports are sort alpha-numerically by SKU.

NOTE: in some cases, data may be excluded.

  • No data is reported for SKUs that are inactive.
  • No data is reported for SKUs that do not have a low stock.
  • No category value is reported for SKUs that do not have a product category assigned to them in the Product Catalog.


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