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  • USPS rates changed on January 21st. ShippingEasy updated all cached USPS rates. These changes are automatically reflected in ShippingEasy. Highlights from the rate change:
    • Postage rates increased for most USPS domestic and international shipments. Affected services include First-Class Mail, First-Class Package Service, Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, Parcel Select Ground, Media Mail, and signature confirmation options. Learn more.
    • The requirements for USPS First-Class International Mail Large Envelope / Flats service have changed. Merchandise may no longer be sent in a Large Envelope / Flat via this service. ShippingEasy also provides a new, cost effective, option for shipping merchandise internationally. Learn more.
  • Updated support for Amazon Custom options. Now, unsupported attributes are not displayed in the order details.
Inventory Management:
  • Enhanced the option to "Send Inventory Updates to Store" on a Product SKU level. Now this can be turned On or Off via CSV uploads. Add a "Send Inventory Updates to Stores" column to the CSV file. Specify On or Off for each entry. If the row is left blank, no change will be made to the Product SKU. Learn more.
  • Added new data to the Inventory Status Report: Inventory Value. This displays the total value of the products that are currently in stock. Learn more about exporting reports.
  • Resolved a problem with setting the stock level for Product SKUs. Specifically when the "Import Products and Override Stock" option is selected and the inventory in the store platform is 0. Now, ShippingEasy will correctly update the Product SKUs' stock levels when there is 0 stock level in store platform. Learn more.
Customer Marketing:
  • Updated handling of Customer marketing status. Specifically when Customers have been previously marked as Not Available for Marketing. If a later order arrives for that buyer from a platform that allows marketing, the status of the buyer is changed to Available for Marketing.
  • Resolved issues with changes to Customer marketing status.
    • Specifically when attempting to edit the marketing status. Now, the Customer name will not change when the marketing status is changed.
    • Specifically when attempting to edit the Customer name. Now, the Customer marketing status will not change when the name is changed.


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