Release Notes thru 2018-01-16


Inventory Management:
  • Enhanced the PRODUCTS page for Inventory Management subscribers. Now, the stock columns can be sorted. Clicking the column header once will sort the rows in ascending order. Clicking the header a second time will sort the rows in descending order. This makes it easier for merchants to see stock levels at a glance.
    • All Inventory Management subscribers can sort the following columns: Stock, Available, Committed, Awaiting, Threshold.
    • When an account is configured to sync Fulfillment by Amazon shipments, other columns can be also sorted: FBA Available, Total Available, FBA Stock, Total Stock.
  • Added support for importing Products from Volusion. This makes it faster to populate the Products catalog with Volusion Products. Learn more.
Customer Marketing:
  • Added support for importing Products from Volusion. This makes it faster to populate Product Recommendations with Volusion Products. Learn more.


  • Enhanced support for Amazon Custom. Now, custom options that are specified via a list (e.g color) are displayed in ShippingEasy.
  • Added the ability for non-owner Users to subscribe to Inventory Management or Customer Marketing via the pop up modals. Only Users with permission to "Access Settings & Events" can subscribe to these add-ons. Learn more about User permissions.
  • Updated the available filters for the Standard View on the ORDERS page. Now the "Custom Fields" filter is available on both the Standard and Advanced Views. Learn more about ORDERS page views.
  • Resolved a problem seen when using Global Search. Specifically when the search term includes a backslash '\'. Now, searches with backslash characters successfully return matching results. Learn more about Global Search.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented ChannelAdvisor shipments from being updated correctly. Specifically for shipments that use UPS Mail Innovations. Now, ShippingEasy sends the correct carrier information for these shipments. Learn more about using ChannelAdvisor with ShippingEasy.
  • Resolved a display error seen on the UPLOAD CSV FILE pages. Specifically when uploading CSV files containing more than 1,000 rows. Now the "Upload History" tab shows the number of rows uploaded as they are uploaded in real time.
Inventory Management:
  • Added support for specifying a Handling Time for Products. The Handling Time is the number of business days between receiving an order for a product and shipping the product. This can be set on a Product level, for any Product, or on a store level, only for Amazon stores. This allows ShippingEasy to update the Fulfillment Latency field within Amazon when sending inventory updates. 
  • Added a new Inventory report: Products Committed by Date. This report shows the quantity of Products needed to meet the committed quantities for the specified date range. It can be exported on the REPORTS page, via the "Inventory Reports" menu. The following data fields are included in the report: Product Name, Current Stock, Committed by Date, Available by Date, Current Low Stock Threshold, Shortage by Date, Category.
  • Resolved an error seen on the ADD SUPPLIER page. Specifically when accessed via the Suppliers breadcrumbs, then the Add Supplier button. Now, the page displays an empty form.
  • Resolved errors creating a new Purchase Order from the PRODUCTS page. After selecting a Product and clicking the Create Purchase Order button, an error was seen:
    • Specifically when the Product is assigned to multiple Suppliers and one of the Suppliers does not have a default address. Now, the CREATE PURCHASE ORDER page is loaded.
    • Specifically when a single Product is selected, but does not have a Supplier assigned. Now, an error message indicates that a Supplier must be assigned to the Product before creating a Purchase Order.
    • Specifically when navigating to the PRODUCTS page from the Product's "Supplier" tab, via the Products breadcrumbs. Now, the CREATE PURCHASE ORDER page is loaded.
Customer Marketing:
  • Updated the text in the application. Now, all instances of "Customer Management" have been replaced with "Customer Marketing".


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