How to: Integrate SwiftOrder with ShippingEasy

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SwiftOrder is a cloud-based app that helps you manage your LuLaRoe orders. SwiftOrder has built an integration to ShippingEasy, allowing you to seamlessly manage the fulfillment of your LuLaRoe orders. LuLaRoe orders are routed into ShippingEasy via SwiftOrder. Then tracking information is updated back to SwiftOrder once you've shipped those orders!   

To integrate SwiftOrder with ShippingEasy:

Take a look at SwiftOrder's FAQs and setup guide.


If you run into any problems, feel free to reach out to the SwiftOrder or ShippingEasy Customer Success teams.  
  • SwiftOrder - your best resource for questions related to the SwiftOrder configuration of the integration.
  • ShippingEasy - experts on all things shipping and ready to help configure your ShippingEasy account.
    • New accounts still in the registration process will see a link with our email address.
    • Paid subscribers, who have already set up their ShippingEasy account, will see links to email, call, or chat on the blue navigation menu in app.  
    • Anyone can post questions in our Community forum and our team will be happy to assist.


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If you have problems that require extra assistance, feel free to reach out to our team.

Anyone can post questions in the comments, to the left, and the ShippingEasy Customer Success team will gladly assist.

ShippingEasy accounts on a paid plan will find additional resources in the upper left corner in app.

1-512 | Email | Chat

Fully registered accounts may email, call, or chat with our team.
Trial accounts may email or call.


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