Customer Marketing Email Credits - Pricing | Overview

ShippingEasy offers a powerful and easy to use Customer Marketing solution where you can organize and segment all of your customers’ contact and purchase history. Then, easily act on those insights by setting up one time or automated marketing emails to help generate reviews, automate product follow ups, get repeat customers, and drive more orders.

Many Customer Marketing tools are open to all ShippingEasy users, which gives you a chance to explore the benefits of using this solution. Once you have had a chance to play with the tools and see the ease with which you can contact your customers, you can add email credits to your subscription. Learn more about ShippingEasy's Customer Marketing.

Customer Marketing Pricing

Customer Marketing offers a number of subscription plans. Each pricing plan corresponds to an available allotment of emails you can send each month. The start of each billing cycle resets the available email credits for the month.

To subscribe, just select the plan that fits your communication needs. The price for the Customer Marketing Plan you select is in addition to your ShippingEasy Plan.

Plan | Emails Monthly Price
5,000 $14
10,000 $19
25,000 $39
50,000 $69
100,000 $99
250,000 $199
500,000 $349
1,000,000 $599
2,000,000 $999
3,000,000 $1,199

You have the ability to change your Customer Marketing Plan as needed.

Upgrading Customer Marketing Plan

Upgrading will adjust your email allotment for the difference between your previous Plan and the new Plan.

For example: upgrading from a 10,000 email Plan to a 25,000 email Plan will show an increase of 15,000 emails on your Customer Marketing dashboard.

On the next billing cycle, you will see a pro-rated charge under "Discounts & Adjustments" for the days used on your previous Plan.

To Upgrade Plan for More Email Credits, Immediately
  1. Navigate to the MARKETING DASHBOARD.
  2. Click "Upgrade your plan" on the right-hand side of the dashboard.
  3. In the email credits modal, select the number of credits you wish to buy from the drop-down and select Change Plan:
    NOTE: if you would like to upgrade your Customer Marketing plan to include more than 100,000 emails, you will need to contact Customer Support.

Downgrading Customer Marketing Plan

Downgrading will change your email allotment starting at the beginning of your next billing cycle. Any credits you have when you request the downgrade will be available until the start of your next billing cycle.

Once the next billing cycle begins, you will see the new price reflected on your next billing cycle and your email allotment will be reset to the lower Plan.

To Downgrade Plan for Fewer Email Credits, Next Month
  1. Navigate to SETTINGS.
  3. Scroll down to "Available Add-ons" and find Customer Marketing. Click Change My Plan.
  4. Select the Plan you want to change to. Then click the Change Plan button to confirm the change.



I tried this, can't get past the first button. It won't let me sign up. : (

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