How to: Add Customer Management to my subscription

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ShippingEasy offers a powerful and easy to use Customer management solution, enabling you to track customers, tag and filter your customers, and send and track email campaigns. Learn more about ShippingEasy's Customer Management.

To add Customer Management to your subscription:

  1. From anywhere in the app, navigate to the CUSTOMERS page.

  2. Click the blue Add Customer Management button. 

    TIP: even though it's a FREE 30 day trial, we understand you might like to know more before getting started. Click the "Get a Demo" button to schedule a demo with one of our Customer Management experts.
  3. Confirm the addition of Customer Management by clicking the blue Add Customer Management button.

  4. Your subscription will be automatically updated to include access to the Customer management features. 

  5. Click the Start Now! button to begin.

    TIP: for help getting started, click the "Free Training!" button to schedule time with one of our Customer Management experts.


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    Susan Connor

    I tried this, can't get past the first button. It won't let me sign up. : (

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