Troubleshoot: DYMO USB scales disconnecting from ConnectEasy

If you are experiencing an issue with your DYMO M10 or M25 USB scale disconnecting from ConnectEasy, it is most often a hardware issue rather than with our printing product. This is because DYMO devices use USB chips which have some unpredictable behaviors. The behaviors can compound to prevent the scale from connecting to ConnectEasy.

Common issue on DYMO M10 and DYMO M25:

A main issue occurs when opening a connection to the DYMO M10 or M25 around 10-25+ times. This causes the USB interface on the device to crash.

Typically, ConnectEasy only connects once, but these devices can have trouble maintaining a solid connection. The frequent connection-disconnection then quickly trips this DYMO USB crash bug.

Solutions for DYMO M10 and DYMO M25:

Unfortunately, there isn't a software solution. However, these are some workarounds to try to prevent the scale from dropping the connection in the first place:

  • If using a USB 3.0 port, try using a USB 2.0 port.
  • Use a shorter USB cable .
  • Swap USB ports on your computer to see if that helps the connection.
  • Check the display to make sure your DYMO scale is not asleep, as the scales can go to sleep on their own. 
  • Some DYMO scales have an auto-off feature that cannot be disabled. DYMO can provide a fix that involves editing the power management in devmgmt.msc for Windows.

A final solution may be getting a new scale altogether, perhaps of a different model. We've found the least reported issues with Mettler-Toledo models. Find a list of scales we support.


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