Release Notes thru 2016-11-15


  • Added quick access to the ShippingEasy Support Center on every page of the app. There is a blue circle ( ? ) that appears in the lower-right corner of each page. Clicking this icon will expand a pane for easy searching of ShippingEasy's Knowledge Base, containing over 1000 FAQs and How-to topics.
  • Added an Inventory management wizard which guides new users step-by-step through setup.


  • Added support to download prepaid return labels as an image file. This helps merchants who sell on marketplaces, such as Amazon, which require that the return label is uploaded to their site. Learn more about saving a return label and uploading it to Amazon.
  • Added support for Zenventory. The developers at Zenventory built an integration with ShippingEasy and ShippingEasy now supports this store type. Learn more about integrating Zenventory with ShippingEasy.
  • Enhancement to BigCommerce integration. The carrier name is now sent in the shipment notification on BigCommerce orders for shipments on USPS, FedEx, and UPS. This allows BigCommerce to link the tracking number to the carrier tracking page for the shipment.
  • Resolved an issue affecting some Volusion orders. Now, Volusion orders with a status of "Payment Declined" in Volusion are automatically cleared from ShippingEasy.
  • Resolved an issue on the CREATE RETURN LABEL form. Now, archived store addresses will not be displayed from the "Store Addresses" menu. Learn more about manually creating a return label.
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