How to: Manage customer tags

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Customer tags allow you to group your customers based on criteria that you define. For example, if you have customers who responded to a specific marketing campaign, you can create a tag for that marketing campaign.

Another example is customers who have expressed an interest in a soon to be released product - you can tag those customers and then easily locate those customers later when you are ready to email them to let them know the product has arrived!

To filter the customers on the CUSTOMERS page by tag(s), expand the Tags filter and enter the tag(s) you want to use. 

To add or remove a tag on an individual customer, click the Manage Tags button:

Type a tag name. If the tag has never been entered before, it will be created:

Click the 'x' when you are done:

To remove a tag, just click the 'x' next to the tag name:

To add tags to multiple customers, check the box next to each customer name that you want to tag:

Click the Add Tag button:

Enter the name of the tag and then click Submit:


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