How to: Send an email to my customers

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To send an email message to multiple customers from the CUSTOMERS page, check the box next to each customer that you want to receive the message:

Then click the Send Email button:

Fill in the Subject: and Message: and then click the Send button:

Important: Be sure to check the box for marketing if the purpose of the email is marketing or sales - learn more.


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    Dog Collar Fancy

    I wish we could see the actual email the customer will see.... there's no html - add a link option - add a signature or anything... :(

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    Jennifer R. [ShippingEasy]

    Thank you for your feedback and for re-posting it to our Beta Feedback Forums! This helps our Product Managers better understand how to improve our Customer Management solution.

    If others agree with Dog Collar Fancy, please share your thoughts in this post: Email to customers

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