What is Customer Marketing?

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Building and growing relationships with your customers is essential to the strength of your business. The ShippingEasy platform offers a sharp Customer Marketing solution to jump start this process with customer insights, segmentation, and lifecycle analytics. These metrics will help you set up email campaigns that generate reviews, build awareness of related products, and increase repeat business.

With Customer Marketing you can:

Customer Marketing also helps you provide service to your customers after a sale. Just as importantly, it also helps you identify and communicate with customers to encourage new sales, by using these features:

How much does it cost?

Customer Marketing is an add-on feature - the price is based on your plan level and includes e-mail credits to be used each month for e-mail marketing campaigns. Find your plan level here.

  Starter Basic* Plus Select Premium Enterprise
Monthly Cost
(plus applicable taxes, if any)
$3 $9 $14 $29 $49 $69
E-mail Credits 500 5,000 10,000 25,000 50,000 100,000
*Subscribers on our LulaRoe/Bless plan can access Customer Marketing at this price.

Additional credits available for purchase. These credits do not expire:

Additional Credits Cost
2,500 $7
10,000 $20
25,000 $40
50,000  $60
100,000 $100

What features can I access if I don't subscribe to Customer Marketing?

The CONTACTS page is available to all ShippingEasy customers. Non-subscribers will see the most recent 120 days of buyer history.

The following features are restricted to only Customer Marketing subscribers:
  • Sending emails
  • Adding tags to buyers
  • Uploading contacts
  • Downloading contacts
  • Edit/monitor email marketing status
  • View SKUs customers have purchased
  • Contact list includes entire buyer history + new data that accrues since adding the subscription


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