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Building and growing relationships with your customers is essential to the strength of your business. The ShippingEasy platform offers a sharp Customer Marketing solution to jump start this process with customer insights, segmentation, and lifecycle analytics. These metrics will help you set up email campaigns that generate reviews, build awareness of related products, and increase repeat business.

Features and Benefits of Customer Marketing

Affordable Customer Marketing

ShippingEasy's Customer Marketing feature is available in a variety of tiers. Each pricing tier corresponds to an available allotment of emails you can send each month. You can select the tier that fits the amount of email credits you will need. The price for the Customer Marketing tier you select is in addition to your ShippingEasy monthly subscription plan. Learn more about selecting Customer Marketing email credits.

Explore Customer Marketing Before Subscribing

Many of our Customer Marketing tools are open to all ShippingEasy users. This gives you a chance to explore the benefits of using this feature. We invite you to try out our marketing tools and familiarize yourself with the solution. Once you discover the ease with which you can contact your customers, it is easy to add Customer Marketing to your subscription.

Campaign Prep:
  • Marketing Dashboard: See your order revenue at a glance and form your next campaign strategy. This is also where you will track your campaign revenue and reach, after subscribing to Customer Marketing. Learn more about the Dashboard.
  • Customize Campaign Templates: Choose from Regular or Automated campaign layout options. Then use the drag-and-drop editor to edit and save your campaign templates. Learn more about Campaigns.
  • Product Recommendation Selection: Get familiar with how to make strategic product recommendations. Learn more about Product Recommendations.
Contact Information:

Subscriber Exclusive Customer Marketing Features

Some Customer Marketing features are only available to subscribers. Top of the list: sending email campaigns, adding contacts, and viewing buyer history.

Campaign Activities:
  • Send Marketing Email Campaigns: Schedule regular campaigns, or turn on automated campaigns, to start reaching your contacts. Start growing revenue and building stronger customer relationships.
  • Promote Your Products: Enable recommendations and promote products in emails and packing slips.
  • Monitor Email Campaign Results: View the performance metrics for your campaigns.
Contact Management:
  • Add Tags to Contacts: Use tags to organize your contacts, build contact lists, and automate campaigns.
  • Upload Contacts: Add emails into ShippingEasy from third party sources.
  • Download Contacts: Generate a file of your contacts' information.
  • View Customer Purchase History: Gain greater insights into your buyers' behavior.

Learn more about all the features included in ShippingEasy's Customer Marketing solution.


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