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  • Update to Amazon Prime support. Now, when an Amazon Prime order has an address that cannot be validated with the USPS, a shipping label can be purchased. A warning message is displayed on the READY TO SHIP page when the Amazon Prime order's address cannot be validated. This message indicates that the address cannot be edited, so the shipping label will have an address that did not validate. This change was made as the Amazon Prime API does not allow for addresses to be edited. Learn more about shipping Amazon Prime orders.
  • Enhancement to re-running Shipping Rules for better performance.
  • Resolved an issue affecting how shipment notification errors are displayed. Now, when a shipment cannot be updated to the store, an error will be displayed on both the SHIPMENT HISTORY page and within the GLOBAL SEARCH results. Learn more about shipment notification errors.
  • Enhancement to Products Tags. Now, Product SKUs can be filtered by Product Tag, on the PRODUCTS page.
  • Resolved an issue affecting stock levels for Product SKUs contained within split orders. Now, if an order is split, and part of the order is cleared, the Product SKU stock levels will be correctly adjusted. For any cleared portion of the order, the stock is moved from "Committed" back to "Available".
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