Release Notes thru 2016-11-01


  • Enhancement to International Shipments settings. Now, the Product "Name" can be overridden with the International Shipments "Description". This allows shippers to list a generic term on customs forms, regardless of the specific Product Name in their catalog. To use this option, navigate to SETTINGS >> INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS and check the option "Use this Description instead of product catalog entry".
  • Resolved an issue affecting downloads of some Volusion orders. Now, Volusion orders with a known status indicating "shipped" or "cancelled" will be automatically cleared.
  • Enhancement to Product Tags. Product Tags can be added or removed on individual Product SKUs. Previously, Product Tags could only be added to Product SKUs via CSV file. Learn more about Product Tags.
  • Resolved a display error for Product Tags. Now, Low Stock Thresholds will not be displayed as a Product Tag.
  • Resolved an issue affecting Product Category attributes. Now, the Declared Value is displayed correctly on Product Categories.
  • Resolved an error affecting Amazon Bundled Products. Now, when component Product SKUs of a Bundled Product are adjusted, the Bundled SKU stock level is correctly updated.
  • Resolved an issue with linking some Amazon Product SKUs. Now, Product SKUs which contain a double-quote character (") can be linked with the ShippingEasy Products catalog.
QuickBooks Desktop:
  • Released a new version of the QuickBooks Desktop integration, v1.0.0.201. For existing users, upgrading is easy: just shut down the QuickBooks Desktop integration program and then restart it in order to get the update.
  • The new version has three new features:
    • Option to search and create items in QuickBooks based on the master SKU in the ShippingEasy Products catalog, instead of the SKU Alias. This helps merchants who want to use a different SKU in QuickBooks than they use in their marketplace.
    • Additional information in the error reporting log: the store order ID is on each line of the error log.
    • Updated ShippingEasy branding.
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