How to: Sign up for Endicia Delivery Status Notification

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ShippingEasy's carrier partner Endicia, offers more than just discounted rates on USPS shipments. They also offer services to monitor your shipment statuses and boost customer service. One service offering that combines both is Endicia Delivery Status Notification Service. This reporting service, emails you a report informing you when packages have reached a certain status of delivery, on a daily basis. This can help you to confirm shipment success rates, tackle any delivery issues and develop good customer relations all in one ready-made report.

Plans are available that include one report for $2 or a bundled package of 3 reports for $5.

The following reports are currently available:

Green light: Delivered

Leverage package delivery as a marketing opportunity! With daily notification of Delivered packages, you can proactively send surveys or marketing messages to buyers as soon as the product is received, and increase response rates.

TIP: ShippingEasy also provides a free, automatic delivery confirmation email feature, to notify buyers their order has been delivered. Learn more.

Red Light: Delivery Failure

Protect customer relationships and product reviews with proactive outreach! With Endicia’s daily Delivery Failure status notifications, you can take action and call your buyers before they call you. Create a positive experience by notifying them of any issues and communicating a resolution.

Yellow Light: Delivery Exception

Increase customer service efficiency! With daily Delivery Exception notifications, you can arm your customer service teams with information to help identify and monitor at-risk shipments.

To sign up for this Endicia Delivery Status Notification, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and proceed to log in with each Endicia accounts' credentials.
    NOTE: you can find this log in information within ShippingEasy. Learn more.
  2. Under “Update Profile” select “Delivery Status Notification Service”
  3. Read and accept Delivery Status Notification Service Terms & Conditions
  4. Select which Delivery Status types you would like to subscribe to for daily notification
  5. Provide the email addresses where Endicia should send the notification reports
  6. Click “Submit”


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