What types of emails can I send to my customers?

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ShippingEasy's Customer Management provides powerful tools for sending emails to your customers, either in bulk or one at a time. To help you be compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act, ShippingEasy distinguishes marketing email messages from transactional email messages.

Marketing email messages are, as the name implies, email messages intended to market or sell your products. When you use ShippingEasy to send marketing email messages, those messages will include an "unsubscribe" link that your customer can use to opt out of future marketing email messages.

Transactional email messages are related to a specific order that your customer has placed. For example, if you need to notify a customer that for a specific order, an item is out of stock, that is a transactional email message.

The various store and marketplace platforms with which ShippingEasy integrates have their own terms and conditions for sending email messages to buyers. ShippingEasy limits the types of emails you can send to customers from these platforms:

  • Amazon - no marketing or transactional emails
  • Etsy - no marketing emails
  • Channel Advisor - no marketing emails
  • Solid Commerce - no marketing emails
  • Stitch Labs - no marketing emails
  • - no marketing emails

For all other platforms, please review the terms and conditions in order to verify that your sending of emails to buyers from those platforms is in compliance.

Keeping all of this straight can be difficult - but ShippingEasy makes it easy! There is a filter on the Customers page that will limit the list of customers based on whether marketing or transactional emails are okay.

In addition, on the page for each customer, there is an indicator for whether or not marketing emails can be sent to that customer. 



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