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Upon adding Customer Marketing to your account, ShippingEasy will automatically populate the list of contacts on the CONTACTS page. The initial list of contacts reflects orders that were downloaded into ShippingEasy over the previous 150 days.

Filtering your contacts on the CONTACTS page allows you to easily and quickly view and group contacts by specific criteria. For example, you may wish to view and group all international contacts, or all recent customers, or a prospect - a potential customer who has not yet placed an order.

Once filtered, it's easy to create Contact Lists. These can then be used to create email Campaigns. Learn more.

List and Description of Available Filters

Each of the filters provides a different set of values, as described below.

Customer Status Prospect Prospective customers who have not yet placed an order.
Abandoned Cart Contacts that have added products to their cart but have not yet purchased.
Recent Customers who have purchased once within the last 120 days
Repeat Customers who have purchased more than once within the last 120 days
Inactive Customers whose most recent purchase was more than 120 days ago
Store Account specific The store in which your customer placed an order.
Tags Account specific Descriptions that you define for segmenting your customers. Learn more.
Destination   All Contacts from all countries.
Domestic (USA) Contacts from the USA.
International Contacts from outside the USA.
Email Status  Marketing OK Contacts to whom you can send marketing email messages. Learn more.
Transactional OK Contacts to whom you can send transaction email messages about orders that the customer has placed (delays, color changes, etc.). Learn more.
State Search by US State Enter one or more US states.
Zip Codes Search by US Zip Code Enter one or more US Zip Codes.
Purchased SKUs Account specific Enter one or more SKUs to filter to just customers who have purchased those SKUs.
Purchased Items Keyword filter Enter one or more keywords to filter to just customers who have purchased items with a matching description.
Order Date Date lookup Enter a start and end date for customers who ordered in that period.
Order Count Numeric field Enter a minimum and maximum for customers who have ordered within that number of times.
Total Spend $ Numeric field Enter a minimum and maximum dollar value for customer who have spent within that range.



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