Release Notes thru 2016-10-25


  • Enhancement to manual orders. Order Numbers are now required on all manually entered orders. This improves search and management of orders. To ensure that all manual orders have an Order Number, one will be pre-filled within the "Create Manual Order" form. The Order Number field can be replaced with any other preferred order number; however, it cannot be left blank.
  • Enhancement to Packing Slip Templates. A new variable has been added for use on Packing Slips: qty_multiple. The qty_multiple variable displays a “diamond” icon if the quantity of the line item is greater than 1. This brings attentions to line items with a quantity greater than 1. The qty_multiple variable can only be used with the shipment.line_items variable. Learn more about customizing the shipment line items on Packing Slip templates.
  • Enhancement to the Volusion integration for more efficient order downloads.
  • Support added for Product Tags.
  • Resolved an issue affecting inventory updates for bundled SKUs. Now, inventory updates are sent to the store for bundled SKUs, even if the SKUs to be updated are components of the bundle.
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