ConnectEasy Prints Multiple Labels (MAC) | Troubleshoot

ConnectEasy can be a great way to simplify your printing. However, it also relies on the correct configuration of your computer settings to function at its best.

If you notice that ShippingEasy is sending multiple copies of individual labels to your printer, we have a solution! It is very likely you have multiple instances of ConnectEasy running on your computer.

ConnectEasy will send one label print job to your printer for each instance of ConnectEasy that is running.

To fix this problem, it is necessary to locate all instances of ConnectEasy on your computer. Then, quit all but one instance of ConnectEasy on your computer.

To locate and quit additional occurrences of ConnectEasy on your MAC:

  1. Locate any ConnectEasy icons in the top right corner of your Menu Bar.
  2. Click on any extra ConnectEasy icons that are visible and select Quit from the drop-down menu.
  3. Repeat previous steps until only one ConnectEasy icon is visible and running.

If you continue to print multiple copies after quitting all but one instance of ConnectEasy, it may be necessary to log out or restart your computer to completely quit any additional ConnectEasy processes still running.


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