How to: Re-run Shipping Rules

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If you need to rerun the shipping rules after an order has arrived from your store, you can easily do that. This is useful when you are initially defining your shipping rules or if you need to make a change to your shipping rules and you want to test your changes. 

To rerun shipping rules on one or more of your orders, follow these simple steps.

  1. Go to the ORDERS page and check the box next to one or more orders:


  2. Select MORE >> Rerun Shipping Rules


That's it! 

Please note that the selected orders will be removed from the ORDERS page until all shipping rules have been applied to the order. If you refresh your browser you will see the orders listed again. If you selected more than 25 orders, you will receive an email when the running of the shipping rules has been completed for all selected orders.

The rerunning of shipping rules requires ShippingEasy to revert the order data back to the values in the order when it was initially read from your store. So if you made any changes to the order in ShippingEasy after it was brought in from your store, those changes will be lost when you rerun the shipping rules. Note that the need to revert the data means that ShippingEasy does not support rerunning shipping rules on orders that have been split or combined.



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