What is a Product Tag?

We realize that keeping track of hundreds, or even thousands, of Products in your inventory can be a lot of work. So we've made it easier with Product Tags. Think of a Product Tag as an attribute that you can assign to multiple Product SKUs. Unlike Product Categories, you can assign multiple Product Tags to a single Product SKU. This makes Product Tags ideal for indicating how an order should be processed if that order contains one or more SKUs that have a specific Product Tag.

You could, for example, create a Product Tag that indicates which SKUs are fragile. Or which SKUs are top sellers. Or which always come with a free gift. Those are just possibilities - your own fulfillment process will dictate which Product Tags you should create. Learn how to add Product Tags to Product SKU's.

Product Tags also expand the possibilities of Shipping Rules, allowing you to apply a single action to a broad range of orders with a specific product automatically. This makes it easy for you to identify orders that contain SKUs requiring special handling. Because multiple Product Tags can be assigned to a single product SKU, they are ideal for indicating how an order containing that SKU should be processed. Learn more about using Product Tags in Shipping Rules.


You can see which Product Tags (if any) are set for a specific SKU, by navigating to the PRODUCT DETAILS page for that SKU. The Product Tags are listed near the bottom:




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