Release Notes thru 2016-09-07


  • Added a message at the top of the ORDERS page for idle accounts. When an account is considered idle, automatic order downloads are disabled. This new message includes a link. Clicking the link will re-enable automatic downloads and initiate a download of unshipped orders for each store in the account. Learn more about idle accounts.
  • Resolved an issue some users experienced with the Rate Calculator (Browse Rates) tool. Now, the Rate Calculator will display correctly from the ORDERS page.
  • Additional updates to standardize the usage of the terms “Name” and “Description” throughout the app.
  • Added option to link products between ShippingEasy and select platforms: Amazon and BigCommerce. Located within STORES & ORDERS settings, the "Link Products" button will trigger ShippingEasy to link all SKUs in the Products catalog to the store. This allows inventory updates to be sent to the store. Learn more.
  • Resolved an issue linking bundled products with Shopify stores. Now, bundled products can be linked with Shopify, as long as Inventory has been enabled and correctly configured. Learn more about sending inventory updates to Shopify.
  • Resolved an issue affecting Purchase Orders. Now, SKU type-ahead search results will be correctly sorted.
  • Resolved an issue affecting Shipping Rules that include the "Item SKU" condition. Now, the SKU alias will be checked, as well as the Item SKU, when determining if the order meets the Shipping Rule conditions.
QuickBooks Desktop:
  • Enhanced the QuickBooks Desktop integration with the release of version When QuickBooks is configured to calculate tax, both taxable and non-taxable products can be included in a single order.
    • To use this feature: Define the non-taxable products in QuickBooks with “Non” as the QuickBooks tax code.
    • To get the new version: Shut down and restart the integration program to update to the latest version.
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