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Release Notes thru 2016-10-11


  • Added integration support for Walmart. This integration is being released as a Beta. It also supports ShippingEasy's stock level updates via Inventory integration. Learn more about the Inventory integration.

    Merchants who sell through can integrate their account with ShippingEasy. ShippingEasy automatically downloads orders from the Walmart account and loads them into ShippingEasy. Once shipped, shipment data will be sent back to Walmart. Learn more:

  • Added support for Order Tags. These allow shippers to add attributes to individual orders. Each order can have up to 10 order tags. These can then be used within Shipping Rules or to filter orders on the ORDERS page. Learn more about Order Tags.
  • Added option to create a return shipping label without an order. This allows shippers to generate a return label when there is not an original shipment in ShippingEasy. Find this option by expanding the QUICK SHIP menu on the blue navigation bar, then select RETURN LABEL. Learn more about creating a return label without an order.


  • Added two new user permissions: Edit Order Items and Edit Order Recipient. These allow the account owner to more closely control which specific order data a user can modify. Learn more about user permissions.
  • Added a new filter on the DASHBOARD page: Yesterday. This filter enables shippers to see order and shipment data for yesterday's date. Previously, data could only be filtered for Today and MTD. Learn more about the DASHBOARD page.
  • Additional support for filtering unshipped Orders by Product SKU.
    • More than one SKU can be specified in the Product SKU filter on the ORDERS page.
    • Type-ahead search shows the matching SKUs as characters are typed.

    Learn more about filtering unshipped Orders.

  • Added a check to READY TO SHIP page for USPS domestic First Class shipments. The USPS restricts these packages to a maximum length of 22 inches. If the length (L) of the package is specified to be greater than 22 inches, the following message is displayed: exceeds the maximum allowed dimensions for this service. The print and purchase buttons will be disabled until the package length is adjusted to less than 22 inches, or a different service is selected.
  • Resolved an issue resulting in a broken link being included in some "Order Upload Ready for Review" email notifications. Now, these email notifications include functional links to review the upload.
  • Resolved an error affecting scheduled recurring shipment reports. Now, all recipients specified for a recurring shipment report will receive the scheduled email. Learn more about scheduling a recurring shipment report.
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