Release Notes thru 2016-08-30


  • Updated USPS rates to reflect changes made by USPS on August 28, 2016. International Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box and Flat Rate envelope shipments now include $200 of insurance coverage, also known as "declared value". Learn more about included USPS insurance.
  • Enhancements to the READY TO SHIP page to improve overall performance.
  • Standardized the usage of the terms “Name” and “Description” throughout the app.
  • Added a new button on the Product detail page called "Send to Store". Clicking this button sends inventory levels for a specific product to all stores for which inventory is being tracked. This data is sent upon request, providing a faster way to update inventory levels. Otherwise, ShippingEasy will automatically update inventory levels every 10 minutes. Learn more about inventory updates.
  • Added ability to edit SKU variant values (color, size, etc) when modifying a Product entry. 
  • Added ability to specify a new Supplier's details when adding a Purchase Order. These will be saved as a new Supplier when the Purchase Order is committed.
  • Resolved an issue with the PRODUCTS page filter and search tools. Now, it is possible to filter by product weight with a simultaneous keyword search.
  • Resolved an issue applying Low Stock Thresholds. Now, when the Low Stock Threshold is set for all Products via the INVENTORY SETTINGS page, this new threshold is applied to all saved Products. The INVENTORY SETTINGS page can be accessed via the SETTINGS tab. Learn more about Low Stock Thresholds.
  • Resolved an error affecting the Declared Value field within the Products catalog. Now, the app is able to save Products when a dollar sign is entered in the Declared Value field. However, it is still not recommended to enter a dollar sign with the Declared Value.
  • Resolved an error that occurred when attempting to save a bundled SKU as part of a bundle. Now, the app will display an error message indicating that this action is not possible.
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