How to: Use Order Tags in Shipping Rules

Order Tags can be used to help automate your shipping process. Learn more about order Tags

When used with Shipping Rules, Order Tags can be included as a condition or as an action.

Using Order Tags as conditions (IF):

  • "Order tags" is a condition within Shipping Rules. This means that orders must meet the specified Tag requirements in order for the Shipping Rule to apply to the order.
  • Multiple Order Tags can be specified per each rule. If any of the specified Tags are included (is equal to) or not included (not equal to), then the condition will be "true". If all other conditions are "true", the action will be applied to the order.
  • Existing or new Order Tags can be specified as a condition. It is not necessary that the Order Tags already exist within your order history for them to be included as a Shipping Rule condition.

Using Order Tags as actions (THEN):

  • Order Tags can be added or removed from orders via a Shipping Rule action. This means that orders which meet the specified conditions will then be changed, either by adding or removing a Tag. The Order Tags actions include: 
    • Add order tags
    • Remove order tags


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