USPS announces rate changes on August 28th, 2016

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The USPS is implementing rate increases on August 28th, 2016. The changes affect Retail rates for domestic First Class Package Service (parcels) and will revert some of the rate reductions seen on April 10th, 2016. Find a refresher of the April rate changes here.

Read through for a summary of changes on August 28th:

Domestic rate changes - First Class Package Service:

First Class Package Service Retail rates will see a rate increase for the 1-3 ounce price range. Retail rates will start at $2.62 (increase $0.17 per 1-3 oz parcel). 

This change means that the Commercial Base rate of $2.60 for the 1-8 ounce price range is the lowest rate available for First Class Package Service.

Impact to ShippingEasy subscribers:

Up until this change, ShippingEasy matched USPS's Retail rate of $2.45 per 1-3 oz parcel. So, ShippingEasy subscribers will see a $0.15 increase in postage for 1-3 oz USPS First Class Package Service shipments.

As of August 28th, 2016 ShippingEasy will continue to provide the lowest available Commercial rate for USPS First Class Package Service.

View the First Class Package Service rate table.


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