Release Notes thru 2016-10-04


  • Added support to re-run Shipping Rules. In the past, Shipping Rules could only be applied to orders as they synced from store or were uploaded. Now, Shipping Rules can be applied to orders after they have synced, but before they have been shipped. Learn more about re-running Shipping Rules.
  • Update to the READY TO SHIP page. The selected order in the Pending Queue is now highlighted in a dark blue. This is a change from the original light yellow highlight.
  • Change to the "Unshipped: All Orders" report. A column including the "Order Total" data has been added to this report. This is the dollar value of the unshipped orders. Learn more about the "Unshipped: All Orders" report.
  • Resolved an issue affecting some product stock levels. The issue was observed when a product was synced with an order, but not automatically saved to the Products catalog. Now, if that product is later saved to the Products catalog, the correct stock levels will be displayed.
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