Release Notes thru 2016-08-23


  • ShippingEasy's Inventory Management solution is now available to all paid plan subscribers. It can be trialed for free through December 31, 2016. Key features include:
    • Auto-update stock levels in real time
    • Create low stock alerts
    • Prevent shipping out of stock items
    • Create and send purchase orders
    • Track and receive purchase orders, with automatic stock updates
    • Add and manage full supplier list
    • Assign suppliers to products
    • Bundle products and/or assign variants 

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  • Enhanced Batch tools.
    • Option to change the default batch name (ex: Domestic Batch) to any custom name. The name can be edited on the READY TO SHIP page by clicking the pencil icon next to the name of the batch. Names can be up to 50 characters. 
    • Batch names can be seen on the READY TO SHIP page, READY TO PRINT page, and SHIPMENT HISTORY page.
    • Additional batch information can be viewed on the READY TO SHIP page. An "i" icon will appear next to each batch. Hovering the mouse over the icon displays a popup with the name of the user who created the batch, along with the date and time the batch was created.
    • Column titles on SHIPMENT HISTORY have been changed. The "Batch" column has been renamed "Batch ID". There is also a new column called "Batch Name". Learn more about adding these optional columns.
  • Enhanced 3dcart integration. The change impacts accounts that are not configured to sync the 3dcart order status of "New". When an account is configured this way, ShippingEasy will download qualifying orders from the last 3 days. Qualifying orders must be in a status that is configured to sync into ShippingEasy. Learn more.
  • Resolved an issue affecting some new Stitch Labs integrations. Now, Stitch Labs can be integrated with any ShippingEasy account. 
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